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Young Girl Bullied, Then Kicked Out Of Preschool

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A New Mexico couple is searching for answers after they say their daughter was being bullied by classmates at a local preschool. The parents say the school's response was to expel the girl, leaving them to wonder what happened.

The trouble started soon after Kimberly Jones registered her 4-year-old daughter, Persephonie Post, at Southwest Child Care in Albuquerque in August 2017, according to KRQE.

"It actually started in the first couple weeks of her being there," said Jones. "She was complaining about being hit."

A note from the school following one incident indicated that Persephonie had been "hit by a friend."

Jones says her daughter had been the target of increasingly aggressive attacks by another student.

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"The hitting and pushing turned into hitting and hair pulling," Jones said.

When she and her husband, Nathan Post, relayed their concerns to school staff, they say they were initially told the issue would be addressed and resolved, she said.

But the attacks against their daughter did not stop.

Jones and Post went to school administrators one last time to address the problem and were told again that their concerns would be resolved.

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Then on Dec. 18, the parents were surprised to learn Persephonie was being booted from the school.

"Monday when I showed up to bring her to school, they just kind of shoved me out the door ... didn't say anything [and] just handed me the letter," said Jones.

The letter that Jones received alleged that the parents had violated the school's code of conduct, an allegation they dispute.

"I don't believe that at any point [in] time, either of [us] lost our cool, lost our temper, or even raised our voice," said Post.

A spokesperson for Southwest Child Care addressed the parents' allegations in a statement to KRQE, saying the school does not condone bullying. The statement also said parents who violate the school's code of conduct jeopardize their child's continued enrollment in the school.

Post said he is dismayed by the school's reasoning when he and his wife just wanted a safe environment for their daughter.

"For it to go from 'Hey there's a problem in our school that our daughter's having' ... to, 'You guys can't come here anymore' ... I don't understand what we did wrong," Post said.

The Southwest Child Care website says, "We put a tremendous effort into making Southwest Child Care Early Learning Centers a place where every child is welcome, wanted and worthwhile."

A second family has come forward with a similar account of their daughter's experience at the school, reports KRQE.

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