Young Girl Given School Suspension For Still Having Pink In Her Hair After Weekend Color Run For Charity (Photos)


A young girl in Texas was suspended by school administrators after participating in a charity run, and the reason why has many people upset.

Hailey Stone decided she wanted to participate in a color run for charity in which runners wear white and are doused in colored dyes as they make their way through the course. Hailey went to school the Monday after the weekend run and still had pink in her hair from the dye being thrown at her. Even though she didn’t plan to come to school with pink hair, school administration decided to give her in-school suspension, anyway, because she violated school code.

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"We didn't plan for her hair to be colored like that,” said Hailey’s mother Carol Stone. “It definitely wasn't done on purpose, so I didn't believe it was right for that to happen.”

The school’s principal is standing by the decision to give Hailey in-school suspension for her hair color, acknowledging that her mother signed a code of conduct paper which clearly states the policy.

“Having an unnatural color hair is a violation of the school's dress code,” said the school’s principal. “It is a level 1 offense, and the consequences vary. All parents sign the student code of conduct that outlines a student may not have colored hair.”

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Still, Carol Stone believes the school has now gone too far.

“I did know about having your hair dyed, I didn't think they would go to this extreme,” said Carol. “We're just going to keep [Hailey] home until it goes back to normal.”

Sources: 6 Action News, My Fox Chicago


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