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Young Father Left Paralyzed After Diving Into Shallow Water

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A young Minnesota father rendered himself paralyzed from a severe spinal injury after he dove form a boat in Lake Minnetonka.

Kirk Ingram was boating with his friends on a pontoon boat during a bachelor party on Aug. 1. The group was at Maxwell Bay when Ingram decided to dive into the water, reports KMSP. Unfortunately, the water turned out to only be waist-high.

Upon impact with the sand, Ingram hit his head and pinched his spinal cord.

The young father fell unconscious and was not breathing when emergency personnel arrived. Deputies revived him by performing CPR. He was later airlifted to North Memorial Medical Center.

Despite surviving the accident, Ingram was left paralyzed, unable to feel anything below his chest. Before being sedated, Ingram was reportedly talking to visitors in the hospital.

He has since been placed on a breathing machine.

Ingram’s community is now banding together to help his family and his wife, who just gave birth to his daughter, Alexa, who is 2 weeks old.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family with hospital bills. Well-wishers can also help the family by purchasing a “Team Kirk” T-shirt from

Source: KMSP, GoFundMe / Photo credit: Family photo via KMSP


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