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5-Month-Old Baby Dies, Father Arrested For Feeding Him Alcohol

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A Connecticut father has been charged with second-degree manslaughter after his 5-month-old son died of alcohol poisoning.

Jorge E. Chiclana, 22, was arrested on Monday for the death of his son. According to NBC, 5-month-old Jacob Isaiah Chiclana died a year ago. In his crib, there was a baby bottle containing 25 percent alcohol.

The incident first began on May 16, 2014, when emergency services were called to an apartment in Norwalk. There they discovered little Jacob whose breathing had stopped.

Though they were able to get him breathing and rushed him to the hospital, medical officials were unable to save Jacob.

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A medical examiner later informed law enforcement officials that the baby’s liver and urine contained alcohol.

After sending the bottle to be tested, they confirmed the presence of alcohol in the bottle.

When police initially interviewed the baby’s mother, she claimed that she did not know who prepared the bottle.

However, she later admitted that it was Jorge who prepared and gave the bottle to the child. She also made mention that he was jealous of the attention she paid to Jacob.

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Chiclana had also reportedly joked that he would give the baby alcohol to help him fall asleep.

An autopsy report concluded that Jacob died due to asthmatic complications and the fact that he had been placed face down in the crib.

His breathing was also likely affected due to the alcohol, according to the report.

Jorge was arrested for second-degree manslaughter, as well as injuring and impairing the morals of children.

He failed to post his $75,000 bond.

Appearing in court on Tuesday, his attorney claimed that Jorge suffered from substance abuse issues as well as mental health issues.

Source: NBC, CTPost

Photo Credit: CTPost


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