Young Family Loses Virtually Everything After Falling Prey To Facebook Moving Scam


Becky Szenk, 22, her fiance, Mark Higgins, 28, and their 7-month-old daughter, Ariyah, were preparing to start their lives together at a new apartment about eight miles from their previous home in Bilston, England, so they hired two movers they found through Facebook.

The movers, affiliated with a now-removed Facebook page that called their business Lee Green, allegedly stole the young family’s furniture, clothes and photographs -- and Becky’s engagement ring. In total, the family lost about $15,000 worth of possessions.

“The men had told me in advance to pack all of our belongings into boxes and label them up clearly,” Becky told Metro. "I didn’t realize at the time, but they took the most valuable items first."

“I have never cried more in my life than I did on Friday afternoon,” she added. "I am so distraught that they have taken my engagement ring and my baby’s toys." The family didn’t “even have a blanket to sleep under” in their new apartment.

“Some people have come forward recently to provide us with essentials, but we still don’t have everything,” Becky said. “I have to put my daughter first, and it's important that she is looked after before Mark and I have what we need to live.”

Police are investigating the theft, Mirror reports. advises consumers to rigorously research a moving company before hiring anyone.

Sources:, Metro / Photo credit: Andrea R/Flickr


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