Young Couple And Son Slain In Ohio, Daughter Suffers Critical Injuries

A couple and their son were shot and killed in Columbus, Ohio on Nov. 23, while their daughter suffered critical injuries and was taken to hospital.

Police report that a woman called 911 late on Nov. 23, telling authorities her husband had just been shot and there were still people inside the house, according to Fox 28.  Dispatchers could reportedly hear gunshots and screams over the phone.

The Associated Press reports that the victims have been identified as John Anderson, 31; Christina Anderson, 30; and Landon Anderson, 7. The family's 12-year-old daughter was also shot but survived, and was rushed to Columbus Children's Hospital in critical condition.

The main suspect was shot during a confrontation with Columbus police officers following the shootings. He was taken to a hospital but later died from his injuries, according to Fox 28. He has been identified as Barry Kirk, 50, of Columbus.

Police are trying to figure out why Kirk shot and killed almost an entire family. AP and Reuters both report that Kirk lived near the Andersons, provoking questions over the circumstances of shooting.

"I don't know if this was a home invasion, if he was let into the house, if they knew the suspect," Columbus police Sgt. Rich Weiner said. He said these are the questions the investigator will ask when reviewing the case.

Police also reported they found a fifth person inside the home who was unharmed, and were interviewing that person to learn more.

A family friend of the Andersons, Jeff Drown, said John Anderson was a hardworking, friendly man who had recently started a pavement sealing business, and that he had lived in the neighborhood for 10 years.

"He's just a good kid," Drown said. "He don't get into trouble. He don't bother nobody. He just raised his family. And now he's gone."

Sources: Fox 28, Reuters via Yahoo News, AP via WPTV 5 / Photo credit: Columbus Police Department via Twitter

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