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Young Children Shooting Machine Guns

We are a nation that is out of step with other industrialized countries when it comes to the issue of kids and guns.

While most nations recognize that absolutely no good can come of exposing children to guns at a young age, we live in a gun culture that promotes romantic notions of generations of families hunting and shooting together.

In light of the recent tragic death of an 8-year-old boy, Christopher Bizilj, who unintentionally killed himself while shooting an Uzi at the Westfield Sportsmen’s Club Machine Gun Shoot in western, Massachusetts, we decided to check out YouTube to see what other examples we could find of young children blasting away with machine guns and other weapons at similar shoots.

Sadly, it took us no longer than 5 minutes to find a broad range of videos, showing what could be considered in some cases to be blatant child endangerment.

There is no telling how many more of these videos exist on the internet or how many other children have participated in or been exposed to these kinds of events– but no doubt it’s expansive if you have the time to do the research.

(Please take the time to look at every link–it is truly eye-opening!)

Teaching little kids to shoot a sub machine gun

Father and son shoot (Note: This is a toddler)

Kids of all ages enjoy the Machine Gun and Cannon Shoot (Note: Proceeds went to a local volunteer fire department)

Crazy shooting range — children firing machine guns

There is no mistaking it, as these images show, this is an outrageous problem unique to American culture that is perhaps more common than many of us even realize.

No so called “enlightened” country could possible delude themselves into thinking this is normal behavior that should be protected even under the loosest interpretation of the Second Amendment.

The gun pushers in the gun lobby have gone too far as have the sponsors and supporters of these events. This kind of activity needs to be exposed and outlawed immediately. Children’s lives are at risk and as adults, we need to demand that our lawmakers do more to protect them from dangerous activities like these.

Think about it. While you are taking your kids to swimming or soccer, these kids–encouraged by their parents and other trusted adults–are blasting away at their target.

This issue of children firing machine guns, encouraged and emboldened by parents, demonstrates to us the need to change our perspective and the way we think about gun culture in the United States.

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