Clip Of Young Children Describing Disturbing Bullying At School Goes Viral (Video)

A heartbreaking video of a young girl describing to her mother the bullying she’s been facing at school has gone viral, and now, the 8-year-old has started an anti-bullying campaign to help spread awareness.

Sarah Cymbaluk took to her Facebook page to share a video of her children, 8-year-old Anna and 7-year-old Benjamin, tearfully describing the abuse they’ve encountered at Magelssen Elementary School in Fosston, Minnesota.

Anna attempts to describe to her mother what had happened, but she breaks down in tears and can’t continue, so her younger brother explains, saying that students told his sister that she was going to, “die by suicide.”

“I want to feel like I’m wanted in the school, like people like me,” said Anna in the video.

Sarah says that her children have been dealing with bullying for months now, and since posting the video of her tearful children on Facebook, the response has been overwhelming. In less than 24 hours, the video was shared over 10,000 times, and many people are wondering if the school will take any action.

“All kinds of things. The f word, names, lesbian, calling her a lesbian, it's gotten physical, she's come home with scratches and bruises,” said Sarah of the abuse her daughter has faced.

Mark Nohner, the district’s superintendent, says that they only recently learned about the bullying and are actively working to come to a solution. They do, however, believe that not everything in the video is truthful.

“We take the things that are in the video very seriously, but there may be things on there that are not 100 percent correct,” said Nohner. “I’m not trying to come off like I’m covering anything up or trying to discredit the video, but there are a few statements on there that I believe are not 100 percent accurate.”

The Cymbaluk family vows that they will continue to fight until the bullying is stopped, however, and they have even created a campaign to raise awareness.

“I think they bully people because they hurt inside themselves,” said Anna. “I think it should be important because lots of people are bullied, and I think they shouldn’t have to feel that way.”


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