Young Child Caught Driving Car On Streets In Arizona (Video)


A young child was caught on video driving an SUV through the streets of Phoenix, Arizona.

The video, posted below, was filmed by a driver who was stopped at a light, pointing his camera at the lane next to him. It was uploaded to YouTube on Friday, Fox 10 Phoenix reports.

"There's a kid driving that car right there," the driver says as he focuses on an SUV approaching the light in the next lane over. As the SUV pulls up, a child is seen at the driver's seat while an older man sits in the passenger's seat and at least two others sit in the back. The group, who had their windows rolled down, laughs when they notice the driver next to them filming.

"You're going to get someone f**king killed, man," the driver says to the older man in the SUV. "That's not safe, man. Come on, dude. It's rush hour. There's a lot of cars."

It is not known how old the child driving the car is exactly, though a police investigation is currently underway. According to authorities, allowing a minor to drive a vehicle is a misdemeanor. 

Sources: Fox 10 Phoenix, YouTube

Photo Credit: youtube.com


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