Shocking Clip Shows Young Children Fighting As Adults Cheer Them On (Video)

A disturbing viral video showing two young children fighting while their parents egged them on has people all over the Internet outraged.

The clip, which reportedly comes out of Wilmington, Delaware, shows two young boys going at each other in the street. The boys throw punches at each other and allegedly cry while they continue to fight each other. At one point, one boy is launched into the side of a parked car by the other.

Through the entire fight, adults can be seen and heard in the background laughing and cheering the boys on as they go at each other. The only person to even attempt to break up the fight was a little girl, but the adults still continued to watch.

News broadcaster Brittany Leigh posted the video on her Facebook page and said that the clip has been sent to Wilmington police.

“I have discovered this very disturbing video on my news feed this morning, it had 15k views and was taken in Wilmington, DE a few days ago,” wrote Leigh. “It is being taken to Delaware State Police in hopes of identifying the adults responsible.”

Social media erupted with outrage as people started to share the video.

“The kids aren't the problem. The idiotic parents standing around laughing at it are,” wrote one user online. “Sad that so many people today choose to take videos for social media rather than take the time to be parents.”

“This is just so disturbing in so many ways,” wrote another user. “The parents who perpetuate this are disgusting. And the children who are shown that violence is a way the [sic] solve a situation and take that mentality into the schools is not fair for other children trying to learn. I hope these adults are found.”

Wilmington, Delaware, authorities are currently investigating the video and asking those with information to contact them immediately.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror UK


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