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Child Turns Parents In To Police (Photos)

A 10-year-old boy in Pennsylvania reported his parents to the police after stumbling upon drug syringes at home on Aug. 7.

Authorities subsequently charged Lakin Michelle Stoppard, 27, and Anthony Young II, 26, for child endangerment and possessing drug paraphernalia, WGAL reports.

Police say the boy intentionally searched his parents' room to find drug-related items because he was “tired” of their drug abuse, York Dispatch reports.

“[The boy] is pretty smart for his age and is aware of his mother's and father's past history of narcotic issues,” police say an unidentified woman who lived at home with him told them, York Daily Record reports. “She advised that [the boy] confronted his father about the issues already but his mother would defend him."

When he found the syringes on his parents' nightstand, he called 911.

“[The boy] stood up for what he knew was right,” remarked Holly Garner, a local resident and mother.

“Can you imagine what he was going through in order to turn in your own parents? He must have been living in horrific conditions,” added Garner.

Officials say they found various drug-related items -- such as a crack cocaine pipe -- in addition to the eight syringes.

According to charge documents, a drunken Stoppard came home "stumbling across the field from Lehr Park” to find police waiting for her.

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"Who the [expletive] wants to talk to the cops?" she said, when police asked why Young had not also come back home.

Officers charged her with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

"Stoppard had glazed eyes, constricted pupils, raspy speech and poor balance," documents stated, causing some of the officers to believe she may have also been on drugs.

Young never came back home. Police arrested him later.

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The couple was sent to jail under $7,500 secured bonds. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for late August.

Those living nearby expressed their sympathy for the child.

“That’s so sad. That’s sad because no child should be exposed to things like that,” said Garner.

Sources: WGAL, York DispatchYork Daily Record / Photo credit: Biggishben/Wikimedia Commons

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