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5-Year-Old Badly Injured In Bounce House

5-Year-Old Badly Injured In Bounce House Promo Image

A 5-year-old boy asked his parents "if he was going to die" after suffering a graphic injury while playing in a bounce house at an Oklahoma pizza restaurant. 

Shali Lambert took her son Bentley to Incredible Pizza in Warr Acres on Nov. 5, according to KFOR. The family-friendly restaurant has a pizza buffet and a large game room for kids to enjoy.

But Bentley's fun and games came to a screeching halt while he was playing in an inflatable playhouse called The Wrecking Ball.

The ninja-style bounce house game has a padded wrecking ball swing throughout the inflatable enclosure. Bentley's arm became entangled in an exposed hook attached the wrecking ball, ripping his arm wide open.

"He was screaming 'I'm stuck,'" Lambert recalled. "I just remember picking him up and I had to unhook the clip and slide it out of his arm."

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The hook left a 3-inch gash in the boy's arm and scraps of skin were left behind on the wrecking ball. 

As blood continued to gush from Bentley's arm, he began to panic.

"He was asking if he was going to die," said Lambert. "He saw all the blood in his arm, and so he was asking if he was going to die."

Incredible Pizza employees called an ambulance and the 5-year-old was transported to a nearby hospital where he had to undergo emergency surgery to stitch up his left arm.

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Lambert says her son will now need physical therapy and possibly follow-up surgery to fully repair his arm.

"No kid should have to go through that," said Lambert. "I mean you would expect [the game] to be safe for kids of all ages."

The experience has left the family in shock and they now want to warn other parents about the dangers of supposedly kid-friendly padded enclosures.

"It's really difficult to think something like this could happen," said Cheryl Lambert, Bentley's grandmother.

The family has yet to receive any compensation from Incredible Pizza for Bentley's injury. 

"Our insurance company is investigating this attraction," said a spokesperson for the pizza company. "Our insurance company is communicating with the family." 

On its website, Incredible Pizza says its mission is "to bring families and friends together through great food and fun."

"We work hard in a spirit of cooperation and fun with a passion for all we do," the company writes, adding that it operates its business "by Christian principles, delivering a positive family experience."

The company has six locations in the U.S. 

Sources: KFOR, Incredible Pizza Company / Featured Image: Virginia State Parks/Flickr / Embedded Images: Peter & Joyce Grace/Flickr, Taber Andrew Bain/Flickr

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