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'You're One Of Us Now': Little Boy Receives The Best Christmas Present Ever (Video)

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In a viral video (below), three siblings find out they’ve officially been adopted on Christmas morning.

The video begins with couple Michael and Sarah Perks as they open presents with their foster children. When the oldest child receives a box covered in gold and white wrapping, he opens it and begins to cry. The box contains adoption papers explaining that he and his two biological siblings have been adopted.

Although the clip was filmed in 2014, it’s gaining attention again in light of the holiday season.

The boy stands up to hug his father, who then kisses his son’s head and holds him.

“You’re one of us now,” two of the children say.

Michael notes that the boy and his siblings are officially one of the Perks.

The boy then walks over to his mother, who hands the camera to Michael. The boy holds Sarah as she tells him she loves him.

“We just got the papers two days ago,” Sarah says. “Just in time to put under the tree. Isn’t that awesome?”

One of the young girls says that the family will be together “forever and ever.”

The video has been viewed over 200,000 times. 

Sources: Little ThingsReshare Worthy / Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube 

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