Extreme Road Rage: Teen Girl Tries to Run over 10-Year-Old Boy


A 17-year-old girl is in custody today after she allegedly tried to run over a 10-year-old boy with her car because the child threw a water bottle at the vehicle.

Police say that after the boy threw a bottle at the girl’s car, she went speeding after him. California Highway Patrol Officer Chad Hertzell says the young boy rode his bike onto a nearby lawn and screamed out “stop, stop, stop,” as the girl’s car approached him.

Witnesses say the girl continued to speed towards the child, running over his bike and hitting a tree along the way.

The girl then ran over the child with her car, pinning him between the front wheels and under the engine. Firefighters had to be called in to remove him. Amazingly, he suffered only minor injuries.

Remember that tree the girl hit while driving after the boy? That tree probably saved the kid’s life. Police say the car’s front axle broke after hitting the tree. If the axle had been in place, the boy likely would have died when he was run over.

The driver was booked into Sacramento County Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Hertzell said the girl seemed nonchalant throughout the booking process.

“She seemed to show a lack of concern when she was being booked. She seemed ambivalent,” he said, adding that her lack of emotional response disturbed officers. 

Sources: Sacramento Bee, News 10


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