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Old White Man Helps Young Black Man

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It was summer 2015 and the nation was reeling after a video of a Pennsylvania police officer beating a black man had just gone viral on the internet.

Racial tensions were undeniably high and media reports constantly reflected that at the time, reports Newsweek. It was in the thick of all this when African American Aj Baker and his friend Dajuan McElroy one day found themselves left stranded on the road.

The two were forced to pull over after getting lost and then suffering a flat tire. They had installed a spare that didn't work and hoped somebody would stop and help, but nobody did.

Baker, keenly aware of the current racially charged atmosphere, says it's likely the fact he is a 6-foot 6-inch African American man with tattoos kept people at a distance.

As a result, the men were forced to call police for directions, but authorities were also of little help.

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"I had caution lights on and 3 squad cars passed me with my arm out the window -- and no help," Baker told Mad World News.

After four hours of waiting, the men were reportedly starting to panic when the most unlikely person noticed their situation.

A frail 88-year-old white man, George M. Jonkel, saw the two needed help, and immediately pulled over.

"He literally was the only person who stopped to help me," Baker remembers. "He pulled up graciously without looking at me weird because of my appearance."

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Not only did Jonkel drive the boys to get a new tire, he bought it for them and stood with them until the spare was replaced.

When he noticed the car had died because the caution lights had been left on for too long, he jump-started the engine himself and even gave Baker gas money to get back home.

"God was good, and we got home, so I had to post what the Lord is still doing in the world," Baker explained. "If we hadn't gotten lost, I would have never met him … I'm glad I did because it was a moment of humbleness and understanding."

Many were moved by the story and applauded the elderly man for looking past racial stereotypes and divisions.

"Both Baker and Jonkel broke through various stereotypes to prove that there is a force more powerful and impactful than generations of negative assumption -- love for your fellow-man," wrote the Mad World News writer known only as Dom The Conservative. "We can assert and insist, allege and reason, even shriek and howl all we want in an attempt to convince someone, but the best proof is action, and the best action is one that surpasses all selfish reason."

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