Young and Old Call for an End to McDonald's Cruelty

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Scores of citizens lined the streets of Los Angeles' Hollywood Boulevard on Saturday to urge passersby to boycott McDonald's until it requires its suppliers to adopt an improved chicken-slaughter method. Among the 70 or so people who joined PETA in protesting McDonald's cruelty were teens and senior citizens, families and couples, and even a few dogs.

Most impressive were the kidswho had created their own homemade signs to show McDonald's that people will not sit idly by while the company allows its suppliers to scald chickens to death and commit other atrocities.

These kids showed maturity and dignity that would make any parent proud—and, of course, their own parents were extremely pleased.

Even Boogie the dog joined in by wearing a sticker to show his dislike of McDonald's abuse of chickens.

Written by Joseph Mayton


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