Picture Captures Hiker's Brush With Death (Photo)


An Arizona man captured the aftermath of a man saving a woman from falling to her death from the top of a mountain.

Marco Malimban was hiking Camelback Mountain near Phoenix on Feb. 27 when he saw the woman nearly fall from the mountain.

"I was frighted by what I saw and aghast at how that day could've turned out for her, but also to have been there for a terrible tragedy," he told ABC News. Malimban described the scene he witnessed to KPNX that took place 20 seconds before the chilling photo he snapped.

"We heard a little scream off to my right," 48-year-old Malimban said. "The woman fell off the north face of the mountain. It really looked like she was going to fall all the way down." Just before she could fall, Malimban said he saw a man do something astonishing.

"He reached out and grabbed one of her ankles," he said. The man pulled her back up, saving her life. That's when he took the spine-tingling picture.

"She seemed really shocked. I couldn't hear any words from them. There was just silence and then they went into that hug you see in the picture," he told ABC News.

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If not for the man's quick reaction, the woman would have fallen from the mountain to her death.

Malimban is hoping to use social media to track down the man and woman featured in the photo.

"How they held each other afterwards, it seemed like they know each other," he said. "I just want the picture to get to them. I think it will be very important to them to have that photo."

In a similar incident in December 2015, a hiker survived after falling off of a cliff at Hook Mountain State Park in Nyack, New York, reports WNBC. He was rescued after three hours and rushed to hospital.

Sources: KPNX, ABC News, WNBC / Photo credit: Marco Malimban via KPNX

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