Video Of 'Possessed' Toddler Goes Viral (Video)


A toddler was caught on video seemingly "possessed," screaming while balancing perfectly on the side rail of his crib (video below).

"Caught on Nanny cam in the middle of the night... No children were harmed," the video's uploader, Chris and Keelan Chronicles, wrote alongside the clip. "This is not my child in the video."

In the video, the screaming baby — named Connor — can be seen climbing onto the railing of his crib, before propping himself up and balancing on it. He continues to scream before losing his balance and falling backwards into the crib.

Many speculated that the video was a fake because the baby disappeared before falling into the crib — while others believed the baby was indeed possessed.

"This will end up being part of a new horror movie... I guess," one viewer commented.

"Not possessed its just good at balancing.. It would however been scary if the baby fell forwards," another wrote.

"Well... I would rather think it's baby's guarding Angel protecting him from falling off the bed," one viewer speculated, "if it's an evil spirit like most of people suspected, wouldn't it just let the baby drop out of the bed? "

The video was uploaded to YouTube on March 9 and has since gone viral, garnering over 2.5 million views as of April 1.

In another incident of people seemingly possessed, an 18-year-old Lima, Peru, teen was caught on video convulsing and foaming at the mouth following an apparent suicide attempt, WND reported.

The girl was believed to have become possessed after playing a game to "try and communicate with the spirit world.”

The girl reportedly screamed "Let me go!" and "666!" repeatedly while she was "possessed." She was committed to a psychiatric ward following the suicide attempt.

Watch the "possessed" baby balance on the crib in the video below.

Sources: Chris and Keelan Chronicles/YouTube, WND / Photo credit: Chris and Keelan Chronicles/YouTube, Daily Mail

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