Man Breaks Into Five Guys To Make Burgers (Video)

A man reportedly broke into a Five Guys restaurant to cook himself a meal (video below)

On March 18, surveillance footage captured a man who allegedly followed a delivery man into a Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurant in Washington, D.C., after closing time, according to International Business Times. He reportedly waited for the man to leave before looking through the food, supplies and equipment.

In the video, the man can reportedly be seen preparing two cheeseburgers while enjoying a fountain drink from a Five Guys to-go cup. He took a bottle of water on his way out the restaurant, according to ABC News.

On Reddit, commenters discussed the man’s prowess while cooking and whether his possible experience as a grill cook played a role in the incident.

"It makes me wonder that he hasn't been a grill cook somewhere," user isakmp wrote. "He doesn't fumble around, throws trash out automatically, toasts the buns, waves the spatula like he is used to holding one, holds his hand over the grill to see when it is hot enough. It isn't any one thing, it is the overall impression I get."

"Now the question becomes, is it grill cook experience alone, or is he a former employee of 5 Guys and knew how he could get in, fire everything up, get his food, and get out without there being a problem," user ghostalker47423 replied.

Other aspects of his behavior were puzzling, as well.

"Who the hell is he casually talking to on the phone?" user NoSmallWars wondered. "I wonder if he's trying to get out of the dog house with his s/o. 'I told you I could get you a Five Guys burger at 3am. They're finishing it up now.'"

Nevertheless, the one thing many redditors agreed on was the advertising potential of such a video.

"If I worked in corporate for them I'd see about corporate paying damages and making sure no one pressed charges in exchange for being able to use the security footage for an ad campaign," user crushcastles23 wrote. "The guy who broke in wouldn't get any money, but he wouldn't be in jail and the place he broke into wouldn't need to pursue him for damages."

Washington, D.C., police recently released the footage and are offering up to $1,000 for anyone with information about incident, International Business Times notes.

Sources: ABC News, International Business Times, Reddit / Photo Credit: DC Metropolitan Police Department/ABC News, YouTube

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