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You Should Check Your Change ASAP - If You Have One Of These Coins You're About To Be Rich

Next time you handle change, pay close attention. Hidden among the nickels, pennies, dimes and quarters are special coins that could be worth more than a month's paycheck.

The 1926 Buffalo nickel is worth over $2,000, however, it may easily be overlooked due to its mundane appearance.

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Even harder to spot is this 1970 quarter that was part of a minting error when it was printed on top of a 1941 quarter from Canada. It may have George Washington's head on one side and an eagle on the other, but if you look closely, 1941 is imprinted on the coin in very small letters.

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The misprinted 1970 quarter is estimated to be worth as much as $35,000 on Ebay. Next time you receive a quarter from the 1970s, make sure to check if it's a misprint -- it might just pay for a new car.

This 1916-D PCGS Mercury dime is worth tens of thousands of dollars, according to AWM.

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One of the most lucrative rare coin finds was in 2012, when a 1943 Lincoln penny reportedly sold for $1 million.

The penny was made from the wrong material, which caused its value to soar, reports ABC News. Instead of zinc-coated steel, it was made from bronze at the San Francisco Mint.

"By error, some bronze planchets made it into the hoppers at all three Mints, were struck and released into circulation. These have become the most famous and valuable of all off-metal errors," the Professional Coin Grading Service said in a statement.

The PCGS certified the penny, giving it a 62 on a scale of 1 to 70.

Texas Rangers co-chairman Bob R. Simpson purchased the coin from Legend Numismatics, a rare coin dealer in New Jersey.

"The Simpson collection now contains the finest known bronze cent from each mint, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver, including the unique 1943-D bronze cent that PCGS certified after Legend acquired and sold to him for a record $1.7 million in 2010," said Don Willis, PCGS president.

In August 2012, an 1873 dime raised $1.84 million at an auction.

Sources: AWMABC News / Photo credit: AWM

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