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You'll Never Want to Ride an Elevator Again (Video)

There are certain fears that everyone can understand. People are afraid of planes because if something goes wrong at 35,000 feet, you’re pretty much screwed. People are scared of animals like lions, tigers and bears because they can overpower humans. You get the point. Even if a person isn’t actually scared of these things, they can understand why others would be scared of them.

Up until yesterday, I never understood how people could be scared of elevators. Then I saw this video:

According to My Fox 8, this occurred on Friday in a Chilean building that was built just eight months ago. The man featured, José Vergara Acevedo, 31, went up 30 floors in 15 seconds. He ultimately crashed into the building’s roof.

The Week magazine reports that Acevedo was seriously injured as a result of the accident. There have been no updates on his condition since the incident’s initial reporting.

Sources: My Fox 8, The Week


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