Heroic Cop: Cop Delivers Deer at Scene of Hit-and-Run


My "Things That Make You Go Aww" folder is thick with the obvious and the not-so-obvious.

Today that file is bursting at the seams, thanks to Sergeant Mark Fry, a caring cop in Toledo, Ohio, who raced to respond to a call about a pregnant deer who'd been hit by a car. Because of her severe injuries, the doe was euthanized, but her fawn was saved, thanks to Fry's swift, decisive action. He not only performed a C-section at the scene, he also administered CPR to the surviving fawn and then instinctively knew to nourish the weak baby with the doe's milk.

Later, during a media interview (see below), he admonished the unknown hit-and-run driver for fleeing the scene and abandoning the injured animals.

Sergeant Mark Fry's heroic efforts reflect his belief that "[a] life is a life, it doesn't matter if it's an animal or if it's a human being."

For his compassionate actions, we're presenting him with PETA's "One Can Make a Difference" award. Please leave Sergeant Mark Fry a note of thanks in the comments section, and then read up on how to help deer and other animals in your city.

show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRn7j8fTbTI

Posted by Karin Bennett


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