This Kid’s Test Is A Thing Of Beauty (Photo)

We’ve all been there: Looking down at a test that you know you should have studied harder for and suddenly realizing that it is even more difficult than you imagined it would be. Anyone and everyone who has ever spent any amount of time in school knows that feeling.

Which brings us to the exam below. For obvious reasons it has gone viral.

The kid taking it was confronted by eight true/false questions, none of which he knew the answers to. Instead of guessing, though, he tried a different approach:

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You have to appreciate the effort. It would have been a lot funnier if the teacher marked each answer with a check and then an x, thus giving the boy a taste of his own medicine.

This kid is going places in life, no doubt about it. Whether or not “college” is one of those places is debatable, but he’s definitely going somewhere.

Source: Reddit


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