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Cheating Woman's Lovers Craft Fake Proposal, Revenge (Video)

A video prank (below) is making waves on the internet after two men realized they were dating the same woman.

In a video that surfaced on April 5, the two men pull off an elaborate ruse and then a scathing dismissal, reports World Star HipHop.

The video begins with the first man, in a white, collared shirt, going to the restaurant where his girlfriend works, reports the Daily Mail. He asks her to take a moment away from her work so he can ask her a question. She steps aside and he gets down on his knee to propose.

The woman's co-workers begin to cheer for the happy couple, but things quickly get weird. The man begins to look around him, as if waiting for something to happen. There's an awkward second where the man worries his prank might have failed. He stalls, but his soon-to-be-ex doesn't realize. She thinks she's about to get engaged.

That is, until her second boyfriend walks in. At first, the woman ignores the second man, until her first man gets up and reveals that it was a never a proposal to begin with. The pair of men begin to yell at the woman, whose emotions have gone from joy to anger to embarrassment.

The second man shouts at her, "You had two good men! Two good f***ing men! You f***ed it up."

The cheating woman runs out the door and the first man calls after her, "You see how you played me?"

With the woman out of the frame, the two men turn to the camera and explain how she'd been cheating on both of them. One of the men explains that he bought the woman a car.

It's a cruel prank to play on anyone, and many viewers have commented that despite cheating on both men, the woman didn't deserve such harsh treatment. But not all viewers are convinced that the prank went too far, and many of the comments expressed views pitying the men.

Commenters had a range of things to say, but most of them were vulgar, in keeping with the video's content.

While the participants in the video don't use names or locations, some viewers have suggested the video takes place near Atlanta.

What everyone can be sure is the woman won't be seeing either of those men again any time soon, and she'll have to start re-evaluating her life choices. While the video has no clear winner, it's clear that all three are losers in some regard.

WARNING: This video contains strong language.

Sources: Daily Mail, World Star HipHop / Photo credit: State Farm/Flickr

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