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'You Didn't Get An Easy Pick': Heroic 11-Year-Old Girl Fights Off Kidnapper, Escapes

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A girl in Texas is recovering after she escaped a man who attacked and attempted to kidnap her as she was walking home from school.

Amber Hewitt, an 11-year-old girl from Watauga, Texas, was on her way home from school on April 13th when a man approached her in a black, 4-door car and attempted to kidnap her.

“He was facing this way and I was facing that way. He just like hooked his arm around my neck,” Hewitt said. “He kind of like pushed me into the car, the top of the car.” Hewitt suffered a cut to her lip and a chipped tooth as a result of being shoved into the vehicle, but it didn’t take long for her to fight back. “I was kicking and screaming… trying to kick the door open,” she said.

The brave 11-year-old punched and kicked the man until she was able to escape. She credits her taekwondo lessons with giving her the confidence to fight back.

According to police, a similar incident occurred a month earlier just a half mile away from Hewitt’s attempted kidnapping. “He did not get out of the vehicle in that case,” Watauga police Sergeant Jason Babcock said. “But in this case, he appears to have stepped it up a little bit and made contact.”

Hewitt’s mother, Sylvia Chandler, said that her daughter’s quick actions undoubtedly saved her life. “She’s a brave one. He probably thought he got an easy picking. Nope!” Chandler said. “If her face hit that car any harder, it would have knocked her out and she wouldn’t be standing here.”

The girl’s brother, Michael, sent a serious message to the man that hurt his sister and tried to take her away from him and his parents. “Don’t mess with my family or else you’ll be in a body cast,” he said.

Despite the terrifying incident, Hewitt said she’s not scared of the man that tried to take her. In fact, she said the man would be in for a world of trouble if he tried to hurt her ever again.

“You didn’t get an easy pick, because I got away pretty easy and if he comes again that’s pretty stupid,” she said.

Sources: Inquisitr, CBS DFW

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