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Twisted: Joran Van Der Sloot Receiving Marriage Proposals

You know what is more shocking than Joran van der Sloot asking for $1M for a television interview? That companies are lined up to pay it.

Why are they giving a guy $1M that he can spend on lawyers and other things to muddle up his defense? Oh, and get this. In his latest interview with De Telegraaf they confirm that he has been getting marriage proposals from female fans around the world.

Umm hello!!! The f**ker will kill you and then rob you. Who in the hell are these women and what in the world are they thinking?

You know what though? It does not surprise me. I bet there are.

They probably think they can get famous too. If you have some time and Google Translate, you should read the first interview from two weeks ago they did with him in its entirety.


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