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'You Are A Monster' Says Judge As He Sentences Pedophile To 50 Years In Prison

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A Michigan pedophile was sentenced to 50 years in prison on Thursday after being found guilty of sexually assaulting at least two young girls. 

James Tingley, 70, was convicted in early March of sex crimes against two young girls over a period of six years. 

However, during his hearing the prosecution claimed that the police allegedly know of five other girls who have been victim to Tingley's abuse, though there may be more. 

Speaking to Tingley, the Jackson County Chief Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson told him, "The only money we should waste on you is the cost of a bullet."

He also added that his prison sentence is "worth every penny."

"Children will be a lot safer," he continued. "They won't have to go through the victimization that the victims went through here.

"Mr. Tingley, basically you are a monster who has destroyed the innocence of numerous children," he added.

Tingley's lawyer Eric White still asserts that his client is innocent, and points out that he will not likely reach his first parole date due to his failing health. 

Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer Walker spoke frankly about her views on Tingley.

"The defendant, he has called himself 'Jim,' he has called himself 'Uncle Jim' but I would call him a monster and a pedophile," she said.

"The defendant has stolen the souls, or parts of the souls, of these children," she added. "He's used them to meet all his sexual needs ... He's been violent with them, with others he's treated them as a girlfriend and he's wanted them to be his wife ... It's disgusting." 

Tingley will be 96 when he will first be eligible for parole. 

Source: The Daily Mail / Photo Credit: MLive


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