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Yohawna Lewis Says Police Beat Him on Illinois River (Video)

Yohawna Lewis and his girlfriend Amanda Belty had an argument on Saturday over him forgetting to pack a lunch during a boating trip on the Illinois River in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

That's when three off-duty Oklahoma police officers reportedly demanded Lewis leave Belty alone.

“They acted like he was about to hit me and he wasn’t. I mean, we were arguing and that was that,” Belty told News On 6 (video below).

Lewis recalled: "They aggressively started pushing me around, telling me he was a cop and that I was going to do what he said.”

When Lewis asked for identification, he says that when the three men held him down and kicked him.

“They jumped on me and began sitting on top of me, punching me directly in the face, while another one in their party was saying, ‘hold him under, just hold him under.’ And they repeatedly did this," said Lewis.

When questioned by Rangers, the three police officers claimed that Lewis followed and taunted them.

"I was pretty mad, I'm not gonna say that I didn't. I don't know what verbal threats would justify what these three men had done to me. They left me for dead," said Lewis.

Two of the police officers have reportedly been placed on administrative leave by the Oklahoma City Police Department while the incident is investigated.

Source: News On 6


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