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Yoga Teacher Fired by Former Playboy Playmate Boss for Being "Too Cute"

Manhattan yoga teacher Dilek Edwards has filed charges against her Playboy Playmate boss Stephanie Adams after allegedly being fired for being “too cute.”

Edwards claims that she was fired from the chiropractic clinic that Adams (pictured) and her husband Charles Nicolai own after Adams apparently said she didn’t want any “too cute” women working around her husband.

A text sent to Edwards from Adams on October 30th at 1:30 a.m. reads, “You are NOT welcome any longer at Wall Street Chiropractic, DO NOT ever step foot in there again, and stay the F–K away from my husband and family!!!!!!!” Adams allegedly added, “And remember I warned you.”

Edwards says that she has no idea where the text was coming from and maintains that the relationship between her and Nicolai was completely professional. She does, however, claim that she had been giving him private yoga lessons to help with an injury and that Nicolai had specifically requested she keep it a secret because Adams would “create some scenarios.”

Adams, who is 43 years old, claims that she is in no way jealous of 32-year-old Edwards.

“No disrespect to anyone — but I’m a centerfold,” said Adams.

Adams was featured as Miss November in 1992 and apparently identifies as a lesbian, even though she is married to Nicolai and even has a son. She also claims that she is a direct descendent of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, to which Edward’s lawyer Maimon Kirschenbaum replied, “I can only imagine they’re rolling over in their graves because of the outrageous behaviour of their purported descendant.”

The former Playboy Playmate has also filed a claim with police against Edwards after, as Adams claims, the yoga teacher allegedly threatened to kill her family for being fired.

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