Yes, I would like to "Drill Here"... Like it or not, I am in fact an environmentalist. I am a "Drill Here Environmental

Yes, I would like to "Drill Here". Like it or not,  I am in fact an environmentalist. I am a "Drill Here Environmentalist".

I happen to believe that outsourcing our pollution to China, India, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia etc. is racist & bigoted. And that includes sainted "Green Energy" products like Solar Panels, Prius Batteries and CFL bulbs. I would prefer to drill 1 mile off the coast, than to outsource the same drilling to somewhere with little or no environmental regulation. Or to places where a manila envelope full of cash is the only 'oversight' corperations need. Extracting energy here, and making green energy products here is the moral, fair and environmentally responsible thing to do.

Why aren’t we mining & processing nickel in Boulder Colorado for wonderful Prius Batteries? Google the terms "Inco Mine" or "Prius pollution", you will see pictures of a cyanide leach tailing pile. The Inco Mine is the largets point source of Sulfur dioxide and acid rain in North America. Oddly enough, the Prius commercial documents what it would look like driving one after "dropping acid".

Why isn't there a factory in Berkley making those awesome CFL bulbs? Let me guess, "Evil Greedy Republicans" are making your Green Energy Products with cheap labor? I am compelled to pay $3 for a CFL bulb that’s saves me $50... but I would never, ever pay $9 for the same bulb if it only saved $44?

Why can't we manufacture Solar Panels in North America?  Have you read the Washington Post story about Solar Manufacturers dumping waste directly in a Farmers field, actually located behind the factory?

Does it bother any of you that Chinese comapnies can barely accomplish making a product without slave labor?? Is anyone aware that in China, an Environmentalist is considered an Organ Donor?? { a political prisoner awating exection and organ harvest} Should we be subsidizing slave labor and tyranny with tax dollars??

I am aware of exactly ONE organically harvested energy source. Its called a clothesline. It can save upwards of 30% on your home electric bill. Try it, I dare you. Chances are that a “N.I.M.B.Y.” will in fact be offended by your Solar Energy Harvesting System, and a Lawyer will in fact take legal action to make you stop. And that being the fact, you are going to tell me that the same "N.I.M.B.Y.’s" are going to allow thousands of 150 ft tall windmills to be erected anywhere close to anywhere they might be seen? Are you kidding me??? Indeed, we will likely outsource the eyesore to 20 miles inside Canada where no American has to see it.

Why has Congress failed to legalize Industrial Hemp in time for Spring 2010 planting? If Industrial Hemp has even 1/10th of the potential that some activists claim, it is compelling enough reason to legalize 15 years ago. What is the hold up?? Are Democrats jealous that Ron Paul is leading the way on this issue??

Why cant we apply some manner of organic tandard to "Green" Energy? If Al Gore and the "Green Energy meovement were Cattle Ranchers. They would take genetically engineered Corn and feed it pesticides, and petrochemical fertilizer. Then, they would feed that “organic grass” to a Cow, along with steroid’s and antibiotic’s. The process would take place in a feed lot. They would then sell it to Whole Foods Market as “Free Range, Organic Grass Feed ” Beef.

Beef from the Al Gore ranch might taste better, and it might be healthier, but is it really that much different? At least Al Gores cows weren't fed a steady diet of other cows, the way Big Oil might do if they were Cattle Ranchers. Big Oil isn’t representing their product as organic, natural or wholesome. And yes, I think its fair  to ask some questions, and let people know… that the only Organic product being produced is the one piled up behind the feed lot.


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