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Yemeni Wedding Celebration Ended In Gunfire While Attendees Danced To "Gangnam Style" (Video)

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“Gangnam Style” was shaping up to be candidate for world’s favorite song of the year. The Korean dance pop track and its accompanying video somehow became a huge international sensation earlier this year, shattering YouTube records and propelling the otherwise relatively unknown Korean pop star Psy into the limelight. Although the song became popular for its fun, light-hearted nature, it has now taken a dark turn.

At a wedding in Yemen where attendees were dancing to the song, a man fired his AK-47 in an attempt at celebration. This attempt, however, resulted in the spraying of bullets that hit four attendees of the wedding. Cell-phone footage captured at the wedding depicts the entire scene, in which people dancing and having fun are suddenly sent to the ground, causing a bloody and horrific scene. Others are seen immediately fleeing the area, while some attempt to help the individuals hit by stray bullets. 

According to The Sun, three were killed and one was wounded in the incident. Watch the video via New York Daily News below.


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