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Yellow Pool Prank Not So Funny For Oklahoma Family

A Ponca, Okla., family’s pool is now bright yellow and it’s unclear who will be responsible for the cost of taking care of the chemical waste mess.

The Rush family was stunned to discover the pool water’s color change on the morning of July 13. The apparent prank could turn into a financial situation that the family, including a single mom working two jobs, can’t handle.

The Rush’s aren’t allowed to just drain the pool and initial reports indicated that the family would have to pay thousands of dollars to have the substance hauled away to be disposed of safely.

However, the Rush family might be getting some assistance. In a Facebook post on Thursday, Lona Rush said she has now spoken with the commissioner of water district 3: “Some good news folks. The commissioner of water district 3 came by personally and has said they are formulating a plan to remove the water free maybe next week. Woo hoo.”

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture has tested the water to determine exactly what chemicals are in it and why it turned the water yellow. Rush also posted on her Facebook page that the authorities now know what the yellow pool mystery substance is but they haven’t yet freely released that information.

The Ponca City Police are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with information about the vandals.

“We have vandalism from time to time.” Sherry Bowers, with the Ponca City Police Department, said. “I’ve been here a really long time and I have never seen anything like this.”

Something will need to be done soon as the bright yellow pool is beginning to give off a foul smell.

Sources: The Inquisitr, KFOR


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