Yekaterina Pusepa Faces 25 Years For Stabbing Lover Alec Katsnelson After Stormy 6-Month Romance


A Latvian-born 23-year old who initially told police that a black man stabbed her boyfriend, then said that her lover of six-months tried to commit suicide by grabbing her arm and forcing her to plunge a knife into his chest, then finally changed her story to say that she stabbed him in self-defense after he beat her, was convicted of attempted murder in Manhattan Supreme Court this morning and now is faced with passing the years of her life in prison until she is almost 50.

Yekaterina Pusepa (pictured) stabbed then-beau Alec Katsnelson through the chest, just missing his heart, in their lower-Manhattan apartment on May 11 of last year. She said the attack was self-defense after he punched her in the head, threw her around the apartment and called her a “bitch.”

Katsnelson, on the other hand, testified that his volatile girlfriend flew into a rage after she found a nude photo of another woman among the text messages on his phone.

The young couple had a rocky six-month romance. According to Pusepa’s testimony, the two met when she was seeking to buy the drug Ecstasy and Katsnelson was introduced as someone who could sell it to her.

They were immediately attracted to one another and began what she described as a “purely sexual” relationship. As they spent more time together, however, they were drawn to each other on a more “serious” level, she said.

But according to the woman’s testimony, Katsnelson’s frequent cocaine use turned him into a violent abuser.

The night of the stabbing, she testified, the couple were drinking at Ryan McGuire’s, a popular bar in lower Manhattan. She left to go to the ladies room and asked him to watch her purse, but when she returned she became enraged to find her purse unattended and Katsnelson outside.

The fight continued when the two got home and escalated into violence. Pusepa testified that she never intended to injure her boyfriend, but was only trying to scare him away to fend of further violent abuse.

Under questioning, Pusepa was asked to explain why she initially fabricated not one but two stories to explain the stabbing.

“I was just scared and in shock. I was just not in the right state of mind,” she replied.

In the end, the jury did not buy Pupesa’s final version of events. Her sentencing is scheduled for January 9 when she could be slammed with a 25-year sentence.

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