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Victim Becomes Cop, Brings Abuser To Justice

A Texas woman who was abused as a child brought her attacker to justice over a decade later as a cop.

The woman, who remains unnamed, said that Erlis Chaisson, who is a member of her family, molested her for four years starting in the 90s when she was just 8 years old. Years later, the woman became a cop and reportedly got Chaisson to confess to the abuse, according to WGHP.

Chaisson had reportedly been convicted of molesting another 8-year-old girl a few years before his former victim brought him to justice.

The victim contacted Chaisson in 2014, telling him that she was going to counseling and wanted to have a conversation about the abuse that had happened. What Chaisson didn't realize was that the woman, who had become a cop, was wearing a wire during their meeting.

Chaisson confessed to the molestation six times in the first 90 minutes of the pair's conversation, which was played in its entirety for jurors. He reportedly said that the victim was "trying to put all the blame on me" and saying that she had wanted the abuse. He also reportedly blamed his genitals.

"The d*** has no conscience," he is reported to have said. "If you had a penis, you would know."

Because the man had already been convicted of molesting another child, Chaisson was sentenced to life in prison. Chaisson is also reported to have convictions for burglary and drunk driving.

The judge also ordered that Chaisson serve seven-year terms for indecency consecutively with his life sentence, meaning that Chaisson will be in jail for at least 42 years before he is able to seek parole, according to the Waco Tribune.

"He was talking like he was talking to his best friend," said the victim, who added that her "heart was racing" during the confession.

"In Louisiana, they may give you a slap on the wrist for child abuse, but the defendant made a mistake when he moved to McLennan County," said Gabrielle Massey, the Assistant District Attorney, in her closing statements. "He made a big mistake when he abused another child in this county."

Sources: WGHP, Waco Tribune / Photo credit: Texas Department of Public Safety

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