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Yazidi Women Raped, Sold Into Sexual Slavery By ISIS Prefer Death Over Torment

A pregnant woman, currently being held captive by the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, militants in northern Iraq, pleaded for American jets to bomb the prison where she is being held. 

“Let those jets come to bomb us and save us from this situation by killing all of us,” she reportedly told her husband. It is unclear how she contacted the man from prison. 

The New York Post reports that she said death would be better than being “forced off with a strange man.”

Another woman, a 17-year-old identified by the Daily Mail only as “Nisreen,” spoke to loved ones from inside the same prison with a hidden cell phone.

“If they see me talking to someone they will kill me for sure, maybe kill all of us,” she said.  

Nisreen said ISIS fighters have 96 fellow Yazidi women in the prison. 

“I know this exact number because I hear them talking,” she said. “We are sure they have sold us. We do not fear for our lives but for our dignity as women.”

ISIS, which stands for the the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, is the militant group responsible for recent violence across Iraq and Syria’s northern regions. The group has a stated goal of establishing a caliphate or Muslim state governed by strict Shariah law.

Most recently ISIS fighters have terrorized an Iraqi minority known as the Yazidis, stranding thousands of them on a mountain top with no food or water. They were recently freed by Kurdish forces backed by U.S. airstrikes.

But many women were taken prisoner in the weeks prior, as ISIS fighters raided their villages. ISIS militants regard the Yazidis, who practice a little-known ancient religion, as devil worshippers. 

New reports indicate many of the Yazidi women have been raped or sold into sexual slavery. 

“They took the girls by force and raped them, and after they returned they killed themselves,” one Yazidi woman told Rudaw.

Another woman was quoted by the International Business Times as saying that other young women also preferred death over living with the memories of their experiences.

"My daughters were calling on people to kill them, but no one wanted to do that. So they jumped from the mountain and ended their bitter life,” she said.

ISIS leaders have reportedly sanctioned the fighting in Iraq as “Jihad al Niqah,” a type of sexual holy war that allows fighters to take women as prizes in battle.

Sources: New York Post, Daily Mail, Rudaw, International Business Times

Photo Source: ReutersYouTube


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