Yaovi Mawuli, 18, Surprises Fellow Student With New Shoes


Yaovi Mawuli,18, a Guilford High School student from the Greensboro, North Carolina, area noticed a fellow student in his French class with holes in his shoes. The unidentified student was being teased for his shoes, and Mawuli decided to act.

According to WRIC, Mawuli posted in the Greensboro Sneakerheads Facebook group, asking his fellow shoe-enthusiasts how he should give his classmate somes shoes. “I’m planning to give him a pair of Concord lows,” he wrote. “Now my question is how do I present it to him without him feeling like I feel sorry for him? I’m just trying to help a brother out.”

Mawuli followed up by posting a photo of his classmate sporting new shoes and reported that they’re now friends. The shoes retail for nearly $400. He told Nice Kicks that he remembered a time when he couldn’t afford shoes.

“I remember I got made fun of for wearing some shoes that had 2006 on them while we were in year 2008,” he said.  “But nobody knew what I did to get that pair of shoes. I would cut my neighbor's lawn and take out her trash, and she would give me $20, which I saved in order to buy that pair of shoes. So I understand not everyone is fortunate enough to afford new pairs of sneakers.”

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Mawuli was showered with praise for his actions on his Facebook page, but he was humble and gracious. Facebook user Cece’s Lyric wrote: “And the cool kid of the year award goes to...*drumroll*... No, but seriously your act of kindness was truly awesome and it is truly refreshing to see this on my newsfeed, as opposed to witnessing all the grief society has been going through. You the real MVP. #dope.” 

Mawuli replied: “Thank You all I really appreciate it, remember to pass it forward when you guys get a chance to help.” 

Sources: Flight Club, Facebook, WRIC, Nice Kicks / Image via Nice Kicks


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