Yankee Stadium Guard Caught with Coke; Said it was Rabbit

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A man who works as a security guard at Yankee Stadium was arrested at Kennedy Airport after airport inspectors say they found three bricks of cocaine in his luggage. They weren't the "cooked rabbits" he allegedly said they were.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, Roger Levans was going through customs after an international flight on December 29th when agents looked at his customs declaration, on which he wrote he was carrying food items.

"Levans was asked what kind of food items he was carrying, to which he responded 'cooked rabbit,'" Homeland Security special agent Noah Abbott said in a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Levans's three suitcases went through the X-ray machine, but inspectors didn't like what they saw, so they searched the bags. The first two did indeed contain food -- fruits and vegetables, but no rabbits.

When they opened the third suitcase, they claim Levans appeared "nervous and anxious." And with good reason -- three bricks of cocaine at one kilo each were allegedly inside.  

Levans said in an affidavit that he works for Guardsmark Security as a guard at Yankee Stadium. He was released on $100,000 bail.


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