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Yale University Facing Criticism For Being Too Soft On ‘Non-consensual Sex’

Yale is being criticized after a new report about sexual misconduct at the university refers to "rape" as "non-consensual sex." Alleged rapists at the school are usually hit with a "written reprimand" but their status at the university appears to remain relatively unaffected. According to the report, five of the six people Yale identified as having engaged in nonconsensual sex during the past six months either graduated or will be returning to campus in the fall, Jezebel reported.

Here’s an example from the report:

A YC student reported that a male YC student had nonconsensual sex with her.

Update: The complainant filed a formal complaint with the UWC

alleging that the respondent, in the context of an intimate relationship,

engaged in certain nonconsensual acts during otherwise consensual

sexual activity. The UWC found sufficient evidence to support the

allegations. The respondent was given a written reprimand, was

restricted from contacting the complainant, was required to attend

gender sensitivity training, and was encouraged to seek counseling. 

Alexandra Brodsky was one of the 16 students and alumni who filed a complaint prior to the report.

"In Sept I'm returning to a campus where, just like when I was a freshman, rape is addressed with 'written reprimands,'" she tweeted. "What lovely Yale traditions: the Game, Mory's Cups, administrative tolerance for rape."

Other students are not happy about the situation either.

"It's really irresponsible [for Yale] to let known perpetrators of rape stay on campus alongside the survivor and alongside other students who could potentially be victimized in the future," said Hannah Slater. "They're not making the campus a safer place."

Sources: Jezebel, MSN Now


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