Yale’s Pro-Life Student Organization Denied School Funds

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Choose Life at Yale, a pro-life student group at Yale, was recently denied full membership status in the school's Social Justice Network.

The Dwight Hall Cabinet, which is made up of student group leaders, voted last Wednesday to deny CLAY's membership, which includes funding, transportation and printing services.

“We are all obviously disappointed and frustrated with this decision, especially after having gone through this year-long provisional process,” Christian Hernandez, the president of CLAY’s board, told YaleDailyNews.com.

According to Shea Jennings, Dwight Hall’s public relations coordinator, reps from each student group give a presentation before the Dwight Hall Cabinet, which then votes on a group's status.

“Generally what happens is in most member groups the decision is made without as much discussion,” stated Jennings. “Because this was a more political decision, there was more discussion.”

The vote on CLAY was not unanimous, and several student cabinet members chose to abstain from voting.

Courtney McEachon, a former president of CLAY, told Red Alert Politics, “What it looks like to me is [the cabinet] knew all along that CLAY didn’t have a fighting chance, but they wanted to see what was going to happen. There were comments like, ‘This is Yale, what did you expect?’”

CLAY does get money from Yale's Undergraduate Organizations Committee. Those funds are used for CLAY members to join the March for Life in Washington, D.C., and other pro-life activities

Sources: YaleDailyNews.com and Red Alert Politics


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