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Wyoming Woman Suffers Cardiac Arrest After Being Hit With Holy Water During Exorcism

After an exorcism did not go the way that she had hoped, a Wyoming woman had to be taken to the hospital.

While trying to rid herself of a “biting” demon, the 31-year-old woman was sprayed with Holy Water. She did not react well to the water and soon stopped breathing because of cardiac arrest.

According to a 911 call received by the Fremont County Emergency Dispatch Center, the woman was possessed by a “poltergeist” while the exorcism was being performed. When a deputy responded to the call he found the woman still breathing. She was taken to the hospital anyway and was in stable condition the next day.

The deputy was told by the people performing the exorcism that a demon had broken windows and dishes and bitten people inside the home for two days, The Daily Mail reported. However, the deputy did not report any evidence of criminal or supernatural activity or see any evidence that anyone had been bitten.

Earlier this month, a Virginia man pleaded no contest to first-degree murder and was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison after allegedly trying to exorcise a demon from his 2-year-old daughter and killing her in the process. Eder Guzman-Rodriguez, 30, believed his daughter, Jocelyn, was possessed, so he decided to punch and choke her until she died.

Sources: The Daily Mail, KDLY


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