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Wyoming Police Taser Blind Cat Lover After Accidentally Tasing Themselves

In August 2012, police officers from Shoshani, Wyo., were called to the residence of L.J. Faith, or “the local cat guy,” who took care of a dozen cats left in his yard. Faith’s feelings for felines, however, were not shared by his neighbors who complained of the smell and defecation.

According to the Huffington Post, acting police chief Andy Rodriguez and officer G. Cruche were called to the scene. Perhaps because the officers had just received Taser training that morning, they had itchy trigger fingers. But perhaps if they had listened better, they might not have ended up tasing themselves.

The officers began to question Faith about his cats on his property. Faith, who is legally blind, was not forthcoming. When the officers threatened to write him a ticket, Faith responded, "Well, write me a ticket or get the f--- out."

However, things escalated when the officers threatened to “take care of” some of Faith’s cats. Faith answered, “No, you ain’t touching none of my cats,” and told them he’d pay the ticket when he received his paycheck.

At this, Cruche told Faith they were taking him to jail. Faith wrapped an arm around a post in his front yard and reached for a phone. Seeing this as an obstruction, Cruche pulled out his Taser.

“I deployed the Taser to Faith's left side arm," he wrote. "During the attempt to control Faith's arm, I realized the Taser was not having a meaningful affect.” The Taser had, in fact, a “meaningful affect,” but not on Faith. Cruche had shot his partner, police chief Rodriguez. Rodriguez, shot in the forehead, was bleeding. Cruche then attached another probe cartridge to the Taser and shot himself. Faith was then also shot.

Faith was then taken into police custody after receiving treatment at a hospital. He was given a summons for breach of peace and "interference with a peace officer causing injury." Eventually the charges were dropped and Faith was reunited with his cats.

Faith, who is already legally blind, lost his vision completely for an hour and half. He has since sued the police department for violating his constitutional rights.

Sources: Huffington Post


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