Wyoming Lawmaker Stands Behind His Anti-Gay 1987 Book


Wyoming State Rep. Troy Mader (R) is standing behind his anti-gay self-published book from 1987.

Mader's book The Death Sentence of AIDS: Vital Information For You and Your Family’s Health and Safety claimed that gay men "purposely infected women to pass AIDS infection into the straight population."

Mader's book also stated, "Many homosexuals demand the right to have sexual acts with children of any age, including infants."

Mader provided no proof of his wild claims, but recently told the Casper Star-Tribune: “If you want to participate in that particular lifestyle, that’s your choice, but I reserve the right to say, ‘Hey, there’s risk involved.’”

Mader's 1987 book also said, "One activist has said that 10,000 sex partners in the lifetime of a 'very active' homosexual would not be extraordinary."

“When you’re talking about numbers (in The Death Sentence of AIDS) we were quoting the best we could find at the time,” Mader told the Casper-Star Tribune.

However, according to ThinkProgress.orgThe Death Sentence of AIDS included pseudo-science claims about  “homosexual lifestyles” from anti-gay right wing advocates such as Paul Cameron, Gene Antonio and Phyllis Schlafly.

Sources: ThinkProgress.org and Casper Star-Tribune


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