Wyoming Hopes to Attract Scorned Colorado Gun Manufacturers Magpul and HiViz


Wyoming, a state that tends to support gun rights, is hoping to attract gun manufacturers.

Business owners and legislators are striking while the iron is hot – or, to phrase it more accurately, they’re striking while business owners are unhappy. A flurry of gun control legislation is making it increasingly difficult for gun manufacturers to flourish under strict state laws.

Just recently, Beretta begrudgingly tore up its roots and left Maryland in favor of friendlier states. Connecticut, Colorado, and New York have also scared off gun manufacturers with their gun control policies.

Magpul and HiViz, both Colorado-based companies that manufacture gun parts, may follow in Beretta’s footsteps and relocate. Earlier this year, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law a new bill that enacted stronger gun control regulations.

In a statement that was reminiscent of Beretta’s bittersweet goodbye, HiViz president and CEO Phillip Howe said, "I make this announcement with mixed emotions. Colorado is a beautiful state with great people, but we cannot in clear conscience support with our taxes a state that has proven through recent legislation a willingness to infringe upon the constitutional rights of our customer base."

Magpul similarly lamented on its Facebook page, “We have said all along that based on the legal problems and uncertainties in the bill, as well as general principle, we will have no choice but to leave if the Governor signs this into law.”

Meanwhile, Wyoming is batting its eyelashes oh-so-seductively at the scorned business owners. “Wyoming is a place that has a good business climate as well as a stable regulatory climate,” said Bob Jensen, CEO of Wyoming Business Council. That’s business lingo for, “Would you like to come up for a cup of coffee?”

If Wyoming successfully attracts these businesses, the state could gain hundreds of jobs and potentially millions of dollars in long-term investments. Securing both of these businesses would solidify Wyoming’s reputation as the go-to state for gun manufacturers. 

Sources: KGWN, Bizjournals, Personal Liberty


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