WW2 Veteran Outguns Home Invader


Ohio man Robert Kelly Jr. was outgunned when he tried to wield a knife and rob homeowners on Monday.

Kelly allegedly talked his way into Ruby and Hugh Mathis’ house before pulling a knife on Mr. Mathis.

Kelly regularly did odd jobs around the neighborhood like cutting grass and was known by neighbors. So, when he knocked on the Mathis’ door and asked to use the phone, the couple held no reservations about letting him in.

When Mr. Mathis and Kelly were alone, Kelly revealed his knife and demanded money.

“They were talking real low, and I came in to see what it was,” Mrs. Mathis said. “[Kelly] was standing in front of Hugh with a knife saying, 'Give me the money out of your pocket,’ so when I heard that I ran to the bedroom and got the gun.”

When Kelly realized he was outgunned, he bolted out the front door. He was arrested the same day after a warrant was issued.

Kelly is currently being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center with a bond set at $1.5 million for three counts of aggravated robbery.

Sources: WLWT, Daily Motion


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