Wrongfully-Arrested Teen Beauty Queen Roughed Up by NYPD and Spat On?


Kristy Abreu, the reigning Miss Westchester, is suing the New York Police Department, alleging she was roughed up by cops and that another prisoner was allowed to spit on her after she was wrongfully arrested in May. The 19-year-old is seeking $210 million in damages.

Abreu and her mother Kendy Paredes, 38, say NYPD officers stopped Abreu’s car on the Upper West Side around 9 p.m. on May 5. When they ran her plates, the car apparently registered as stolen. Although Abreu provided the officers with a valid registration and insurance paperwork, they refused to believe it was glitch.

The pair say they tried to tell the officers that a similar mistake was made the year before, but they would not listen. Instead, the mother-daughter duo was thrown in jail at the 32nd Precinct stationhouse. The women claim they were never read their Miranda Rights and were invasively frisked and their possessions taken. They say they were denied food, water, the restroom, and even the phone.

Another prisoner was allowed to spit on them repeatedly as she harassed them in the cell, Abreu insists. They alleged she called her “pretty girl” and “crying little b****.”

Abreu told the New York Daily News she had been on her way to a fashion show when police stopped her 2006 Honda Civic.

“We were treated like animals. When we got to the precinct, they just started laughing at us,” she said. “I just hope the community becomes aware of the ways police harass people and make them feel bad. It was just a nightmare.”

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Sources: Daily Mail, Gothamist


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