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Wrinkly Shelter Dog Ready for Adoption After Facelift Helps Him See and Hear

A Chinese Shar Pei, named Sesame, could hardly open his eyes because of the heavy, over-abundance of wrinkles which resulted from breeding practices that ignore the welfare of the animal but are intended to justify a higher purchase price in the world of purebreds.

Sesame also suffered from chronic ear infections because the weight of extra wrinkles completely covered and closed his ears. But the kind folks at San Antonio Humane weren’t just looking for another pretty face…they loved Sesame for who he is, not his just his value in the superficial dog-show world.

The humane society directors and employees believed Sesame deserved a life where he could hear and see and play like any other two-year-old pup.

According to their press release, "After two surgeries to remove excess skin and pin back his ears, Sesame's eyes have finally opened and he is able to see the world for the first time as an adult."

Sesame is now ready for adoption and hopes to find a new owner who will make a lifetime commitment to helping him see the world though the eyes of love.

If anyone wants to know more about Sesame, the San Antonio Humane Society can be reached at (210) 226-7461.

Thank you, San Antonio Humane Society, for looking past the wrinkles and giving Sesame a second chance! And thank you, Freddy Hunt at for telling us about his life-saving makeover.

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Source: KENS5


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