Vets Save Wounded Elephant's Life (Photos)


Workers at a safari lodge in Zimbabwe may have saved an elephant's life after it was shot by poachers.

The incident occurred at Bumi Hills Safari Lodge. The bull elephant, named Ben, had approached a group of people and appeared to be pleading for help, the Daily Mail reported.

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Manager Nick Milne noticed the elephant was walking with a limp and appeared to be injured.

The in-house veterinarian was unavailable, so Milne called another vet who agreed to fly 200 miles to help Ben.

After six hours of waiting, Ben got the help he needed.

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Veterinarians tranquilized the elephant to better examine the injuries. They found a deep wound on his shoulder, which experts believe was caused by a poacher’s bullet.

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Vets also found two bullet holes in one of Ben’s ears. They believe Ben survived two attempts on his life.

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"Logic would suggest that if an animal has an injury that considerably hampers its mobility, it would not attempt the climb and would rather stay on the level ground near water,” Milne told News 24. "The dart went into his rump perfectly and he only moved off a short distance in the seven minutes before he went down. He also landed perfectly on his haunches with his right side up a slope, the perfect position considering we needed to work on his left side."

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Ben is currently healing from his wounds at the safari lodge. He is wearing a tracking device so veterinarians can monitor his improvement.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Bumi Hills Foundation via Daily Mail

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