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Would You Have Rescued Mother and Children from Burning Car?

Onlookers rushed to rescue a mother and her two young children trapped in a burning car on a Milwaukee street, miraculously getting all three out alive, though one child suffered second and third degree burns.

One of the rescuers, Jason Lepkowski, said in an interview with a local CBS affiliate that he and others didn't think twice about rushing into the burning SUV. "Something like that, it's terrible but you try the hardest to get the kids out, I'm still shaken up, it will probably haunt me for a long time," said Lepkowski. "But thank God we were there and the off duty firefighters were there."

We'd all like to believe that we would have acted in a similarly heroic manner, but it may be impossible to know until we face such extraordinary circumstances.

OpposingViews asks, if you were on that Milwaukee street, what would you have done?


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