Would those who are opposed to gays in the military, kick out gay animals?


You know about the dog from SEAL team 6 right? The Navy team that took out Bin Laden. Well, they had a special dog that cost anywhere from $50,000-$100,000 to train. See, to train these skilled and specialized dogs, isn't cheap. The military invests a good deal of resources in them. Indeed, they spent more to train this particular dog, that they probably spent to train me when I was in the military. Now, since homosexuality is common in nature and prevalent within numerous and maybe countless animals species from mammals to reptiles to birds to even insects, I must ask a simple question. Would those who oppose gays in the military (and some still are fighting this losing battle) want to kick out gay animals?

Would they want a Don't Ask, Don't Bark policy? Remember, the right-wing wants to continue the outdated policy that cost the U.S. millions of dollars by kicking out highly trained individuals who are gay. Barry Goldwater, the founder of the modern conservative movement stated "it does not take being straight, to shoot straight." Would Mr. Goldwater be welcomed in the modern conservative movement with its' strident homophobia, which they call with their own version of political correctness, family values? Probably not.

So, you might say, don't be silly, the far right wing can't hate homosexuality and gays enough to kick out animals that display homosexuality? Can they? Well, remember, the religious right opposes same sex marriage by making arguments such as if you allow these kind of marriages, than people will want to marry their dog. They compare two men or two women who love and wish to marry each other, with marrying animals. Sometimes they compare these marriages to marrying small children or even rocks. They are just full of hate. It is not hard to see them even hating gay dogs.


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