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Would-Be Thieves Arrested After Listening to Chicago Restaurant Owner Who Told Them To Rob Him Later

Two Chicago men who were trying to rob a restaurant got fooled by the owner, who told them to rob his establishment in a few hours and then called the police on them when they returned.

The would-be thieves, Mario Garcia, 39, and Domingo Garcia-Hernandez, 28, first showed up at the West Rogers Park restaurant on Sunday night at the peak of the restaurant’s business hours, according to MSN Now.

The restaurant owner told the men to return later when less customers were around and less people would be put in danger, according to the Chicago Tribune. One of the men threatened the owner with what was later discovered to be squirt gun (but looked like a real firearm) when he told them to leave, but they eventually left the restaurant.

As the owner suggested, the men came back to the restaurant later. By that time the owner had called police to the scene, though, and the men were arrested upon their return.  

One of the would-be robbers showed up with a metal baseball bat on his second visit.

The men, who reportedly both live a block away from the restaurant, were each charged with attempted aggravated robbery.

A court date for Garcia and Garcia-Hernandez is set for Aug. 19.

Sources: MSN Now, Chicago Tribune


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